An ecosystem of research and innovation

Research excellence


With the University, CNRS, INRA and INSERM, the entire panel of academic research is represented in Dijon by 6 scientific sectors:

• Food and the environment
• Health and molecular engineering
• Advanced materials and photonics
• Health care and training
• Heritage and territories
• Winegrowing

The CSGA (Centre for Taste and Food Sciences), the UMR Agroécologie (largest research unit of the INRA in France), the Labex LipSTIC (lipoprotein and health), the LE2I(electronics, computing, imaging), not to mention those that spread the word of Dijon’s research excellence beyond our borders.


The SATT Grand-Est is the subsidiary for the recycling and transfer of technology from the Universities of Bourgogne, Franche-Comté and Lorraine. It has support laboratory resources and its own platforms to provide businesses with access to the best techniques and know-how.


The competitive cluster Vitagora and Goût-Nutrition-Santé is the cluster of reference in France in the food sector. It includes laboratories, SMEs and large groups from the regions of Bourgogne, Franche-Comté and Île de France that work in this area and develop collaborative research projects.


Pharm’Image groups together public and private players and resources in the area of pharmaco-imaging. Above all, Pharm’Image focuses on cancer, but also on cardiology and neurology. The complementary characters of the members and the quality of the Pharm’Image platforms make up a tool that is particularly effective for translational research.


The regional business incubator PREMICE welcomes innovative entrepreneurs and works with them to put their project into practice until completion.


The AGRONOV technology centre offers a unique environment in France for agro-environmental enterprises. Laboratories, technology platforms, experimental greenhouses and fields share 20 ha dedicated to the creation of innovative enterprises in the area of agriculture of high environmental value. The involvement of the regional chamber of agriculture on the same site provides value-added by transferring the innovations that are made to actual agricultural exploitation.

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