Areas of excellence

Pharmaceutical industry

Located in the center of the quadrilateral area marked out by Paris-Lyon-Strasbourg and Bâle, Dijon is in an ideal position for the development of health entreprises.

With a growth rate of almost 10% over the last 10 years, the health industry is one of the main industrial sectors in Dijon. Over the same period, employment in R&D (1245 jobs at the end of 2011) is up 62%, mainly in health. The industrial fabric comprises large enterprises (Urgo, Sanofi and Merck Médication familiale) and innovative start-ups (Oncodesign, Inventiva, NVH Medicinal, Nexidia, Crossject and CEN,etc.). Basic research benefits from the presence of the CHU (University Hospital), the Centre Georges François Leclerc (centre for the fight against cancer, a certified clinical research centre), and the INSERM, etc.

Dijon is home to both public and private players, especially in the area of pharmaco-imaging, grouped together as part of GIE Pharm’Image. The complementary characters of the members and the quality of the Pharm’Image platforms, especially its cyclotron, make up a tool that is particularly effective for translational research. In 2013, the health enterprises joined Club Santé Bourgogne, whose aim is to foster the visibility of this industry in Bourgogne and enable collaboration and exchange among its members.

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