Quality of life

Urban transport

Dijon awards great importance to low-impact or collective modes of transport.

The pedestrianisation of the town centre, the creation of cycle lanes and paths, the development of ‘meeting areas’ where vehicles are invited to adopt the speed of other users, improvements to transport services with the opening of a tramway system and improvements to the bus network. All these urban developments favour intermodality and make room for everyone in a peaceful town.

The results are clear: since the tramway system was open, use of public transport services has increased from 33 to 41 million travellers per year.  The increase is set to be consolidated by the Prioribus programme, which will further improve the regularity and reliability of the bus network thanks to bus lanes and priority at traffic lights.

Park-and-ride services, which make it possible for users to leave their vehicle at the entrance to the town, and vehicle-exchange systems complete the range of tools in a town which is set to become even more mobile in the future.

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